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  2. Send me a pm or a facebook message - I have some ideas for data acquisition. It's not as hard as it seems, and I think I could write our own custom weather API without much difficulty.
  3. Still here. Wunderground ended their free api and transitioned their largest paying users to their parent companies Weather.com and IBM (think $1000+ per month). I was working with Dark Sky's API and had a somewhat functional product, but they were acquired by Apple and are supposed to end functionality by the end of this year. With my PWS key I can still get my own data, and cobbled together a personal app for that. If there was enough interest and a good enough API I would consider redeveloping it.
  4. Yep, he commented on the fb site last year and said he didn’t have enough time to keep it up. It was very helpful!
  5. FG Mini by Just-Snow in Action 12.27.2020

  6. Making Snow 12.27.2020




  7. No I loved that app sad to see it gone not sure what happened to it the guy was on the forum and the Facebook page
  8. Does anyone have a good app to use with real time stats for your location. The one I used last year went under. Thanks!
  9. The hill is so ready, cleared even more today.

    Cant wait to focus on the snow



  10. Placing rails then supports (bricks)to level.


  11. Can’t wait to get after it!




  12. All lit up and ready for snow!



  13. Getting the park all setup! New tree rail just needs finishing.



  14. Pressure Washer and Jetter Nozzle Calculator (amazingmachinery.com) On the bottom calculator.... Option 1. Add up all your nozzles on the gun, so for a xx03 and a xx02 type in 5 Type the pressure you are getting at the GUN not the pump unless you know for sure you are not getting friction loss. Typically a 3/8 50' hose has zero loss under 5 gpm. This will calculate your total GPM at the gun. Option 2. For a single nozzle Type in a 3 for a xx03 nozzle, 2 for a xx02 nozzle, etc. Then type in your pressure and it will calculat
  15. The image quality is bad on the site, so here's a link to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B2lLiCZF_AOcQU6bQEUdo6TPlrz1YcLjM-hY4DW1F9A/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Wetbulb Temperature Chart Pressure Washer Nozzle Charts Water flow rate through nozzle at various pressures (GPM, approximate) Use this chart to figure out your total system nozzle number based on your water pump's flow rate and your desired system pressure. Usually 450-600psi is best for cold conditions and 600-800 psi is optimal for marginal temperatures. You can run at higher pressures to help deal with warm water temps, but more water will be lost to evaporation (small drops). Air flow rate through nozzle at various pressures (CF
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