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Wetbulb Temperature Chart




Pressure Washer Nozzle Charts

Water flow rate through nozzle at various pressures (GPM, approximate)



Use this chart to figure out your total system nozzle number based on your water pump's flow rate and your desired system pressure. Usually 450-600psi is best for cold conditions and 600-800 psi is optimal for marginal temperatures. You can run at higher pressures to help deal with warm water temps, but more water will be lost to evaporation (small drops). 


Air flow rate through nozzle at various pressures (CFM, decent approximation):



Use this chart and your air compressor's flow rate (CFM @ 90 psi) to figure out nozzle sizing for your nucleation nozzle. For example, for a compressor rated 5 cfm @ 90 psi, we would choose a #5 nozzle. Note that the values in this chart are approximated and may not be completely accurate. Also, depending on the compressor, the flow rate may not match the manufacturer specifications. I recommend buying several nozzles to test. Optimal air pressure at the nuc is no lower than 75 psi. 

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