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Nozzle Calculator


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Pressure Washer and Jetter Nozzle Calculator (amazingmachinery.com)



On the bottom calculator....


Option 1.

Add up all your nozzles on the gun, so for a xx03 and a xx02 type in 5

Type the pressure you are getting at the GUN not the pump unless you know for sure you are not getting friction loss. Typically a 3/8 50' hose has zero loss under 5 gpm

This will calculate your total GPM at the gun. 


Option 2.

For a single nozzle 

Type in a 3 for a xx03 nozzle, 2 for a xx02 nozzle, etc. Then type in your pressure and it will calculate it for you. 


This is a excellent way to see what you are getting exactly at the gun if you are between the numbers on the typical nozzle chart. 


I hope this helps! 

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